What Is Melanin Chiro?

My name is Chelsea Davis and I'm the founder, Owner and creator of Melanin Chiro & Wellness. I came up with Melanin Chiro when I was brain storming at work deciding on what can I name my brand ? Not only to make it stand out from others but something that is meaningful to me as well.

I named my brand Melanin Chiro & Wellness because as a minority there is a lack of minorities throughout the health care system. According to the National University of Health Sciences and The Journal of Chiropractic Education: Asians make up only 2.6% of chiropractors following Hispanics with 1.0%, African Americans 0.9% and lastly Native Americans being 0.4%.

After researching and finding out these numbers I thought it was very imperative to shed light on this matter as our country continues to grow and become more diverse. 

As a future doctor it is my duty and job to educate people of all walks of life about the chiropractic care & build empowerment. Which is why we now have Melanin Chiro & Wellness.

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